Uncover The Issues Preventing You From Growing Your Channel Revenue

Channel Enablement is more than just product sales training and certifications. It’s the process of getting partners to be aligned with your strategy, understand your processes and programs, and have the skills and resources to sell and service your products… without your help. An effective channel enablement strategy should also incorporate a 30/90/180 plan to onboard partners.

As the channel becomes increasingly more sophisticated, it is crucial that vendors and distributors understand how to effectively mine their data in order to segment markets, identify gaps and develop effective partner programs that generate new business.

However, there are two main hurdles to this:

  • Sales data analysis requires a combination of operational skills (ie. data and statistical analysis) and sales skills (ie. the interpretation of the data from a customer and product perspective). It is rare to find these skills in one person (ie. salespeople understand the data but are either not interested or not skilled in mining it, and finance people can cut the data any way you want, but aren’t necessarily good at interpreting it).
  • The data is often contained in different disparate data bases, in different locations, in different formats. (eg. distributor POS reports, Marketing data bases, Support databases, Event participant lists, etc).

The complexity and time-consuming nature of consolidating the data and analysing it means that it often doesn’t get done.

And that means you may not be getting the most from your exiting customers.

Channel Dynamics can solve this problem by analysing distributor sell though or POS reports and identifying reseller or product opportunities that may have gone unnoticed due to the time or resource constraints of running the day to day business.

We will analyse your sales data and identify your areas of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. We’ll categorise your resellers by growth and more importantly identify the ones that have dropped off. We can let you know if the customers that attended your last seminar are buying from you or not.

In summary, we’ll provide with the data you need to get more business from existing customers and protect you from competitors stealing them.