Improving How You Sell To And Through Partners

An effective channel program or strategy requires sales and marketing people to be equipped with the right skills to consistently execute on that strategy.

Our channel training programs are designed to help people achieve better sales results, be they your staff, or the staff of your partners.

All Channel Dynamics programs are completely tailored around our clients, their products, their competitors, their language, and their market position.

We have worked with some of the best known names in the ICT industry (see our Client List) and can provide a unique learning experience that comes from our knowledge of the industry and the problems you face.

Central to all Channel Dynamics training programs is our 3S philosophy – Structure, Style & Substance


Whether you are presenting a new product, or implementing a new program, Structure is about creating a logical and commonsense foundation that guides your partners towards helping you achieve your objective.


Key to any client engagement is the ability to build rapport, engage your listeners, and get buy-in. We focus on helping participants access a range of Styles that they can utilise to deal with different partners, or with difficult situations.


Substance is about the content, and making sure your message is both persuasive and compelling. Our wide industry experience enables us to customise all our programs to make them very specific and relevant to your particular organisation.

Our most popular training programs are