Help Partners Sell Your Products To Their Customers

Dynamic Solution Selling is a program designed to educate your partners on how to sell your products to their customers. This program focuses on helping partners uncover sales opportunities, qualify accounts, present your product in a compelling manner, and influence customer buying behaviour towards your product.

Program Outcomes

At the end of this program your partners will know how to:

  • Identify the unique value proposition of your company & products
  • Ask the right questions to uncover customer needs for your products
  • Use advanced rapport-building techniques to engage the end-user
  • Present your company and products in a persuasive & compelling manner
  • Apply the Principles of Persuasion to influence end-user buying behaviour

Who should attend?

This program is designed for direct (end-user) sales people within your channel, who sell a broad range of solutions, of which yours is one component.

Topics covered

  • Identifying sales opportunities by uncovering business needs
  • Rapport building with senior management
  • Solution selling and advanced consultative questioning techniques
  • Understanding the Principles of Persuasion and how customers buy
  • Clarifying customer needs and influencing end-user purchasing decisions
  • Communicating with executive-level buyers with confidence and credibility
  • Articulating your value proposition in a persuasive and compelling manner
  • Creating winning sales proposals that focus on ROI
  • Digital video analysis of personal selling style (optional)

No. of participants: Maximum of 20 (note: classes are restricted to 8 if video is used)

Duration: 1 day (or 2 days if video is used)

This program is completely tailored around your particular organisation, and uses real market and end-user scenarios based around your products, competitors, and market position.

We provide a unique learning experience that comes from our knowledge of the industry, and the problems you and your partners face. Consequently, the material covered is of particular relevance to your channel, and can be used by them the next day to increase their effectiveness.

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