Create A Unique & Compelling Value Proposition

Dynamic Value Positioning is a program designed to educate your partners on how to position a unique value proposition to the end-user, based around your products and their services. This program focuses on helping partners to articulate a clear, concise and compelling message to their customers, founded on the benefits of your products and the value-add of their own organisation.

Program Outcomes

At the end of this program your partners will know how to:

  • Deliver a hard-hitting and compelling “elevator pitch” for end-user
  • Articulate your/their combined value proposition in a persuasive manner
  • Adapt the message for different users and market segments
  • Deliver the message with or without PowerPoint

Who should attend?

This program is designed for direct (end-user) sales people within your channel, who sell a broad range of solutions, of which yours is one component.

Topics covered

  • Developing a strong value proposition for your products & their company
  • Creating a unique (combined) sales message
  • Tailoring the message for different end-users and situations
  • Review of persuasive sales presentation structure
  • Articulating the company’s (or product’s) USP in a compelling manner
  • Capturing the end-user’s attention and mindshare
  • Knowing how and when to use (and not use) PowerPoint effectively
  • Digital video analysis of personal presentation style (optional)

No. of participants: Ideally 8-16

Duration: 1 day

This program is completely tailored around your particular organisation, and uses real market and end-user scenarios based around your products, competitors, and market position.

We provide a unique learning experience that comes from our knowledge of the industry, and the problems you and your partners face. Consequently, the material covered is of particular relevance to your channel, and can be used by them the next day to increase their effectiveness.

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