5 Questions You Should Ask to Maximise Training ROI

It is often easier for other people to see what is not working in an organisation when they are looking from the outside in. When looking introspectively our thinking is often clouded as we are too close to everything within the business to view things with an objective or alternative perspective. This is why an independent viewpoint or opinion can often be invaluable when looking at changing something, be it anything from a process, to a program, to a strategy, within your organisation.

This article looks specifically at why and how training by an independent organisation can be so valuable to your organisation. It illustrates how looking at a problem from outside of your business, can provide you with an array of solutions to issues you may be having but also provide efficiencies in areas of your business that you were not expecting.

Sending staff members to training of any kind however comes at a cost. It costs money to do the training and money to have them out of your business for the time it takes to complete the training. To this point Ryan Westwood also provides guidance around how to assess when a training course is right for your staff and your organisation.

Be sure to read the article in full so the next time you send your staff out to a training course, it is the very best use of their time.