Brainstorming and How Innovation Really Works

Vendors, Distributors and Partners love to talk about being disruptors and innovators. They cite examples of how Uber disrupted the taxi industry, Airbnb the hotel industry, and Netflix the television industry. But how many of the organisations in our industry truly understand what it means to be so innovative that you can completely disrupt your competition?

Do they actually have a “process for innovation”? The reason this question is so critical is that the approaches we applied to innovation in the past (eg. brainstorming) may no longer be as as effective as we think.

Matthew Syed argues in the article he has written below that brainstorming may in fact only achieve minor process improvements rather than true innovation that leads to true industry disruption. To achieve genuine change, a different type of thinking is required.

Read Matthew’s article in full to understand more. It may just change the way you approach your next brainstorming session.

     LinkedIn: Brainstorming and How Innovation Really Works