Breaking Up With A Vendor Is Hard To Do

Business partnerships don’t always last forever. Business directions can change and with these changes, decisions need to be made. The same applies for vendor and reseller partner relationships.

Reseller partners must continually look at their business strategies and the vendors they are partnering with to ensure that their partnerships continue to make sense for them. When they no longer make sense, reseller partners need to take action. The problem is that this is not always easy to do.

This article explores how resellers can best end a vendor partnership. Moheb lends his expertise to the article by advising how to evaluate when the time is right to move on from a partnership and how best to do so while maintaining credibility with both customers and the vendor, which can be easier said than done.

Read on to discover the best methods for determining how and when to break up.

  CRN: Breaking Up With A Vendor Is Hard To Do