Channel Conflict Is Here To Stay Get Used To It

The channel supply chain is not as simple as it used to be. The arrival of the Cloud has seen many changes in how businesses go to market, how they are positioned in the market, who they partner with and who they compete with.

Last month we explored this concept in the article “This Channel Thingy Is Getting Complex”. We looked at how much things have changed since the days of having the simple linear model of Vendor to Distributor to Partner to End User. The new complicated supply chain has introduced a new set of problems, including a change in channel conflict.

While channel conflict is nothing new, Steven Kiernan expands on this topic further and looks at specific examples of how this new supply chain has affected who competes with who and what the channel conflict of today looks like.

Read this article to get some clarity on what is otherwise now a complicated issue and find out how the most successful players are operating under this new channel framework.

  CRN: Channel Conflict Is Here To Stay, Get Used To It