Chief Customer Officer – A Critical Role for Cloud Providers

The Cloud has changed so much for the IT Industry. It has changed not only the way partners and customers do business but has also seen certain job roles become redundant. That said, it has also opened up opportunities for entirely new roles within Cloud based organisations. Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is one such role and it is currently being argued as being a real requirement for Cloud businesses who are keen to look after and retain their customers.

In this article Nicole Lewis looks at the role and function of a CCO within a Cloud Partner and identifies the way they contribute value to both the organisation and to the customer. Nicole speaks with industry experts who have identified how complex the sales process has become now that so many departments of a partner’s business are part of the customer experience which also means that so many more people are part of the customer experience.

These sources also note how the CCO is the constant medium between the customer and the different components of the partner’s business, providing crucial feedback to the business units along the way and ensuring the customer experience is both smooth and positive. 

Read the article in full to understand how organisations are using CCO’s and how valuable these roles have become.

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