Cloud Shift Impacts All IT Markets

Cloud adoption rates are accelerating globally, making it possibly the most disruptive technology since the earliest days in the digital age, according to Gartner. While this is not new it is interesting as to why these rates are increasing and how organisations are utilising the technology to create business advantages.

More than ever before organisations are aware they need to be prepared for the future, without knowing what that looks like. They want to take advantage of new technologies and ensure their infrastructure is flexible, scalable and agile enough to respond to market changes, reduce business costs and create competitive advantage. This presents great opportunities for Managed Services Partners here in Australia and New Zealand. 

Now more than ever there is the demand for and opportunity to help customers build these agile infrastructures and help IT Managers and CIOs to elevate their influence internally. Technology is widely acknowledged at the highest levels of organisations as being critical to success and now is the time to help customers utilise technology to create the business outcomes their directors are looking for. Read the article in full to learn more and position your Managed Service organisation for success in the year ahead. 

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