e-Learning Channel Management Course Updated

When we released our online e-Learning Channel Management Course last year, we knew we would be adding more content, which is why we delivered it as a 12 month subscription. So we are delighted to release the next two modules in the series – Partner Identification and Distributor Selection.

These two modules explain how to recruit the partners and distributors that will give you the best chance of success. They follow on from the 7 existing modules which delve into explaining the dynamics of the channel, how partners make money, and how to build the optimal channel strategy for your business. And of course, the online format means you can take the course at your own pace, in your own time, on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone.

What is it?

For the last 14 years, we have delivered channel training workshops to over 5,000 students face-to-face. But there were challenges:

  • Some people were unable to attend the face-to-face workshop
  • New employees who started after we ran the workshop, would have to wait until the next one to catch up with their colleagues
  • People who attended the workshop, wanted to experiment with our models and their own data, to see how it worked in their environment

So we created an on-line, self-paced, e-Learning version of our training course, covering the most valuable sections of our two day face-to-face workshop. The goal was to provide an easy way to access our content, from the convenience of your own device, whenever and wherever you had the time.

What is covered?

With the addition of these two modules, we now have 9 chapters:

1. Introduction

This chapter explains a bit about Channel Dynamics and describes the various modules in this course.

2. The Dynamics of the Channel

This chapter explains the dynamics of the channel, and the role of partners and distributors.

3. Market Definition

This chapter explains the impact of market definition and customer segmentation on your channel strategy.

4. Whole Product

This chapter explains the concept of the whole product, and the impact of the product life cycle on channel strategy.

5. Partner Business Models

This chapter explains how partners make money, and establishes the foundation for how we build a successful channel strategy.

 6. Channel Strategy

This chapter explains the steps towards creating an effective channel strategy (ie. the number and types of partners you need, and the elements to consider when recruiting new partners.

7. Partner Identification

This chapter explains how to identify the ideal partner, and explains how to build a partner profiling model that helps you select partners with the best chance of success.

8. Distribution Selection

This chapter explains the role of distribution, and how to apply the principles of partner identification, to selecting, and ultimately managing, distributors.

9. Knowledge Quiz

Test your knowledge of the previous chapters from the course, with a collection of interactive and educational quizzes.

What is planned for the future?

Over the coming 12 months, we will be releasing a number of new modules that cover:

  • Business Alignment
  • Partner Enablement
  • Selling to, and through, partners 
  • Partner Programs
  • Territory and Account Planning
  • Performance Management

How Much is it?

The cost of the course is AUD$245 (inc GST) for a 12-month subscription, and provides you with access to the course, in addition to a range of advanced Channel Finance models that are not available to the general public.

Where can I learn more?

To find out more about the course, and to preview a sample, click Learn More