Lack of Coke and Hookers In The Cloud

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter you will recall last month’s feature article about whether there is a role for the channel in the cloud. The article explored and explained the theory that there is in fact a role for the channel when it comes to the cloud but that it is not likely to look like the traditional channel role we know today.

Steven Keirnan from CRN has written an interesting blog post about this exact topic and is of the belief that there is in fact significant opportunity for the channel in the cloud. It is however not without its risks and considerations. He believes that the crux of the opportunity lies in the service levels that corporations are used to receiving from traditional resellers but cannot be provided by Cloud vendors. He also believes that while there is great opportunity there are also some real risks that need to be considered and addressed in order to be successful. Read the full article below to understand his position on this hotly debated topic:

  CRN: Lack of ‘Coke and Hookers’ In The Cloud