Sizing Up The Security Spectrum

Cam Wayland recently participated in an ARN roundtable discussion with a variety of vendors to explore the Security Spectrum and where the channel can really play a role. The discussions that were held were informative and productive in fleshing out what the security market and issues are looking like for 2017 and beyond.

It seems that while the security market has been big for some time, there really is no sign of the growth and spread of this market slowing down. Findings suggest that spending is expected to continue to increase in the coming 5 years and that Australia is currently the number 1 country globally for cyber security breaches. Discussions found that companies of all sizes and now also individuals are at risk of security breaches. Companies don’t want the public exposure and humiliation of having their Security breached and individuals don’t want to have their personal data and photos (for example) taken from them in a ransomware attack. This all means that we need a vast range of Security solutions to cater to both ends of the market, and all that lies in between.

Read on to find out more on how all of this is expanding the role the channel has to play in the Security market.