Technology Predictions for 2016

It could be said that 2015 has been the year of the Cloud. Of course there have been other significant technologies that have impacted businesses in 2015, but the Cloud has certainly dominated. Organisations transitioning to subscription based business models to service their customers changing requirements has been a huge focus for the IT Channel in ANZ this year. With this being so consuming during 2015, it does beg the question … “what does 2016 hold for the IT Channel”?

While organisations are likely to already have their business plans and strategies in place for the new year, it is always interesting to read what the industry experts tip to be the big trends for the year ahead. The word on the street is that security, big data, smart machines and artificial intelligence are among the big trends for 2016.

Read both of the articles below to find out more on what is predicted to be influential in the year ahead.