The Best of Articles for 2018

We hope that you had a good Christmas break and are back refreshed and ready for a tremendous 2019. Last year there were a couple of dominant themes we believe will continue to shape the channel throughout 2019. Unsurprisingly the clear leaders were cloud compute and storage, connectivity and security, really all just components of “cloud computing”.

Here are 6 articles from ARN & CRN we believe are worth a second read, or perhaps a first read as most appeared over the holiday period, to bring you right up to speed. Speaking of speed, we have included the 2 stories on new subsea cables, as we believe they are “game changers” for cloud in Australia, providing an additional 79 terabits of connectivity. Cloud computing only works if you are connected! We wish everyone a prosperous and secure 2019.

CRN: The Best Enterprise Cloud Storage Offerings of 2018

CRN: A Round Up of the Top NBN Stories of 2018

ARN: Indigo Subsea Cables Installation

ARN: Hawaiki Cable Opens for Business