Why Sales Skills Matter – To Everyone

Many people hear the word “sales” and think of pressuring, manipulating, and maneuvering potential customers into making a purchase – all the stereotypes of used car or timeshare sales. But if you really want to boost your career, regardless of what role you are in, maybe you need to find a way to work in sales.

In this post, Jeff Haden demonstrates that whether you work for someone else, own your own business, or even work in a role where you never interact with customers, sales skills are still incredibly useful. If you think of Selling as the art of clearly explaining the logic and benefits of an action or decision, then it’s clear that every job requires solid sales skills. Whether it’s convincing peers an idea or initiative makes sense, proving to a boss or customer that a project will generate a solid return, or helping employees who work for you understand the benefits of a new process and embrace the changes required, the ability to listen and effectively communicate is critical in every field.

Why sales skills matter – to everyone