Why Women Are Better Decision Makers Than Men

When it comes to women and making decisions, the common assumption is that women find it harder (and take longer) to make decisions that men. Clearly this is a very general statement but it is a stereotype women have placed on them. It is also a stereotype that can affect a woman’s career path and how far she goes in her particular field. Who wants a CEO that struggles to make decisions?

The interesting thing is that research suggests that women are in fact extremely good decision makers and, when it comes to stressful situations, maybe even better than men. Maria Lally sites results from different studies conducted around the world on the way women tend to make decisions and how this process is in fact what sets the apart from the men…in a positive way. Maria also offers some great strategies to utilise when making big decisions be it in the workplace or in your personal life.

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SMH: Why Women Better Decision Makers Than Men